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Remembering the Warrior

When I was at school, one of the few happy memories I have from that time is talking wrestling. At that time, you were one of two things – A Hulkamaniac or a Warrior. Me? I was a Warrior. View full article »

Halestorm live in Glasgow

02 ABC, Glasgow
April 5th 2014

Halestorm return to Glasgow, this time in the larger O2 ABC venue, a step up from their previous headline show at The Garage just along the road. The Garage was sold out, and so was The ABC – a damn good sign of their growing popularity.

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WrestleMania XXX Preview

** Note: This was originally published over at – I’m just adding it here  for posterity **

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Think Rock. Mix it with some roll. Add a drop of sleaze, and a whole heap of tongue in cheek humour. Shove in a pot, and leave to simmer on a medium heat for about, oh, 35 minutes and what you’ll get, dear reader – is this. View full article »

Del Amitri; live @ The Hydro

A dark and wet night at the tail end of January in 2014. I never expected to be going to see a Del Amitri gig in 2014… View full article »

Review: Collibus – The False Awakening

It’s 2014! New year, new music! Here’s the first new record I bought this year, and if you like the good old fashioned world of METAL (all in caps, obviously) then this, my probably tinnitus suffering friend, is for you. View full article »

Dinno Time: Retro repost!

Dinno Time Recipe Special

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Gun live in Glasgow!

The O2 ABC, Glasgow
13th December 2013

Mark the date in your diaries, people.

Friday the 13th of December, 2013.
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The Top Seven Albums of 2013

Well, hello.

Once again, we have all survived another year, and here we are in December. Regular (HA!) readers will know that can mean only one thing… no, not mince pies and Die Hard on the TV… I’m referring to my annual Top 7 Albums Of The Year! View full article »

Bowling For Soup, Glasgow O2 Academy 15th October 2013

So. This is being billed as the farewell to the UK tour, the last time that us UK folk will have to see the full Bowling For Soup experience. On that basis, I had to get a ticket and take it in.

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