Well, hello.

Welcome to my little ol’ blog type thing.

I mentioned a while back to a few people that I had the itch to get writing about stuff again, but couldn’t settle on what… I figured then, that this might just be the best way to slide by for the time being. I can cut loose and rant, pontificate, note, review, praise, or just discuss whatever I feel like here.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to bore you all with my own little “oh woe is me!” life details. Unless you’re my friends, in which case there’s probably a text on the way to you AS I TYPE.

No, this is a real-life-hassle free zone. This blog is reserved for me to ramble on about anything else… sport, movies, books, TV, music, the ‘Net – whatever takes my fancy at the time!

So, gentle reader… if you believe this is the type of thing that would interest you… welcome!

— Tony