You seen these things in between the cool programmes on TV? You know the ones, little 30 second films trying to get you to buy something… adverts, I believe they’re called. Turns out they’re starting to get worse. How do I know? Well, my friends… this is how:

Yeah. That’s Punk legend Iggy Pop. The self-proclaimed Rock Iguana… hailed by a lot of peeps as one of the Godfathers of Punk Rock. And now he’s selling car insurance??? CAR INSURANCE???

Words cannot express how sickened I am.  I’m not a violent man, really I’m not… but seeing Iggy proclaim that “You think selling car insurance? I’m not, I’m selling time!” really makes me want to pick up something heavy and/or pointy and throw it in his general direction.

But here’s the thing – it turns out that Swiftcover’s insurance policy contains a list of exceptions… a list of careers and professions that they won’t offfer insurance to. Guess what one of them is? Yup, musician. So Iggy might be selling time… but he sure as hell ain’t buying car insurance from Switfcover.

This ad just irritates me beyond belief, I’m enraged just sitting here thinking about it.

You think Iggy of the 60s and 70s would do ads for car insurance?

I don’t know… all we need now is Johnny Rotten to start advertising butter…