Well, hello.

Today I want to talk to you about boring domestic issues. OK, some of you have turned off already, I can tell. But I’ll ramble on regardless. I believe it’s good for the soul, as someone smarter than me once said.

Basically the tale is this: Scottish Power supplied me with my power for a long time. All of a sudden, it rocketed from an average spend of £10 per week to nearly £20 per week. I did what any self respecting Scotsman would do. I freaked out at this extra money and looked into changing. Thanks to Martin Lewis and USwitch.com, I did just that – switching to E-On and getting 1 Tesco clubcard point for every pound of electricity I bought… Huzzah!

Then… bizarrely, in my mind – I received a bill from Scottish Power for nearly £50. I phoned and queried, and received another bill for £32! How can I get a BILL when I prepay and only use money that I load onto a key?

I phoned again. I was told that they had “lost” £32 pounds worth of payments as they couldn’t track them. They were from a year ago, and if I had the receipts they would look into it. I’ll tell you now – I don’t keep receipts for my electricity payments for a week, let alone a year! Scottish Power then claimed as THEY had lost MY payments… I had to pay. Not only did I have to pay, but I had to pay in one go, and I had to pay soon, or they would take me to court.

Bastards, was my first thought. I kept that to myself until I hung up the phone. Then I shouted it. Then I checked I’d hung up the phone properly. I had. Whew!

So I get my FINAL REMINDER today, which helpfully tells me I can pay online. Only I can’t, as I’m not a registered customer anymore. Could this be any more dumb? So now I will pay it tomorow at the post office… oh, and I’l bloody well keep the receipt. Hell, I might even scan it and email it to them. Ha!

So yeah… the moral of the story? Scottish Power suck. If I could be bothered, I’d email Watchdog and set Nicky Campbell on them… but I’m not sure that anyone actually deserves to have Nicky Campbell set loose on them. Possibly Swiftcover and/or Michael Winner, but that’s a whole other story…