Which would stand for Wee Gordon Strachan, to the non-knowing types out there.

It’s safe to say there’s a fair queue of peeps waiting to be able to stick the dagger into the wee Ginger nutcase’s back – and I call him a wee Ginger nutcase in a friendly, fun loving sense – but me? I’m not one of them.

He took over a team from “Saint” Martin O’Neill that was for all intents and purposes, dead on it’s feet and just didn’t know it yet. He had to replace the likes of Sutton, Hartson, Thompson, and most importantly, the single most important figure in recent Celtic times, the Almighty Henrik Larsson. He had to rebuild this team with less money than MON spent on one player at times.

Bar the £4.5mil for Scott Brown, there was never a huge amount of cash in the kitty to be blown on expensive imports. No, we got the cheaper end of the market. If one thing can be levied at WGS, it’s his transfer dealings. He’s had successes for sure – Boruc, Naka, McDonald – but they have been more than outweighed by the mediocre… the Flood’s, the Mark Brown’s, the Naylor’s and the one that sticks out – the Gravesen.

But on the whole, I can’t knock the wee man. Sure he didn’t play silky football – but you’re telling me Saint MON’s bunch of hoofers and chasers did? Punt the ball for Hartson/Sutton to knock down, and feed off the debris or shove it out wide for a speed machine to chase and cross for the giants to knock down – a similar system worked at Leicester and now at Villa, but does NOT provide fluid, fast, exciting, passing football for you and I to watch.

I liked Strachan’s emphasis on effort. I liked his desire to be the best, but most of all – I liked his morals. I liked what he stood for. During one of the darkest days of Celtic history, when news of the death of Tommy Burns broke, Strachan took centre stage. He stepped up and he spoke not as a manager, not as a PR coached robot, but as a man, and as a friend. Strachan’s actions, words and composed nature during that time showed true class… Celtic class, if you will.

I didn’t buy into the whole “he’s not a Cellic man” argument. Saint MON had no link to Celtic before he arrived, yet he was treated like a messiah. If he’s good enough, I don’t care where he came from. Let’s not forget, Kenny Dalglish once ripped Rangers posters off the wall of his bedroom before signing his Celtic contract – does that make him not a Cellic man?

No, I liked Strachan. I for one will miss him, and hope he goes on to do well for whatever club is lucky enough to secure his services.