Well, hello.

Once in a year, pretty much every WWE fan – I would say wrestling fan here, but there are doubtless some TNA die hards out there that would dispute that – works themselves up into a frenzy, and looks at everything through rose tinted glasses. WrestleMania has a great levelling effect on those that allow themselves to buy into it. It makes things seem bigger, better, brighter and bolder than they actually are – even Great Khali vs. Vance Archer would look watchable on a WrestleMania card. OK, maybe that example took things a little to far, but you get the picture.

The point is that because it’s WrestleMania, things can tend to be given a sheen they wouldn’t necessarily get on a lesser PPV. However, this year’s extravaganza looks to be a bit special, even by WrestleMania standards. With the possible exceptions of the Legacy triple threat match, a hastily thrown together tag match and the Trips/Sheamus affair, this is a stacked card; it’s full of solid matches that have proper issues behind them, matches that on paper look like they will take your breath away, and matches that can justify the “Grandest Stage Of Them All” billing that WrestleMania bestows upon them. While everyone rightfully focuses on the Michaels-Taker match that has the potential to be THE all time WrestleMania classic for the ages, there are other matches on this card that can steal the show too.

John Cena and Batista might not be favourites of mine, but this feud has been epic; If Edge can put on a show anywhere near what he’s capable of at 100% fit, he and Jericho can blow the doors off the arena with their title match; Punk and Mysterio are two of the best in the business, and putting them in the ring together should hopefully deliver greatness; the Money in the Bank spotfest usually gives us two or three moments that hit highlight reels for years afterwards; and Bret vs. Vince? It’s not going to be a five star classic – but Vince always delivers entertainment in the ring at ‘Mania and Bret is such a perfectionist that he won’t have agreed to this match unless he could hold his side up.

And let’s not forget – there’s no women’s match added to the card yet – that will no doubt happen at some point – and that means you also have the ideal time to go and top up your haul of snacks and juice. How thoughtfull of the WWE! WrestleMania… the card with something for everybody…

Have fun, go mad… and enjoy ‘Mania