The Inno View of… Destination X

One man sits through TNA’s Destination X show… and wishes HE fell down the DANGEROUS PIT~~~!!!

OK, so I caved and watched TNA’s latest PPV, Destination X… and I was just gonna skim through it and post a couple of little tidbits here and there… but it took on a life of it’s own… and got bigger, and bigger, and bigger… so here’s my crib sheet of notes I made while watching this… this… abomination upon the world. Just… well, read it. It says it all.

:: Daniels looked to me to be phoning it in, like he doesn’t give a damn anymore.

:: Likewise for Kendrick (Has he even won a match since his TNA debut?) and Red was just… well, Red.

:: Kazarian strikes me as being the kind of guy who enjoys things when he’s getting the push, so he’s on his game right now.

:: Some of the ladder spots where the guys reset ladders into certain positions after every move just looked like amateur hour… the whole match just reeked of spot after spot after spot. Could and should have been so much more given the participants.

:: I really prefer to watch TNA on mute – the fans are bad enough with their idiotic clapping chant for everything, but Tenay’s nasally whiny voice drives me insane, and what the hell happened to Taz? When did he start to suck? I’m sure he was awesome on SmackDown… surely it wasn’t Cole having an effect on him and reigning him in? He just rambles too much for me now…

:: Remember when Victoria was awesome in the WWE? Me too. I miss it. She’s lost so many steps it’s unreal… Daffney is a lot better than I remember her being.

:: Rob Terry reminds me of Mr Hyde in the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. And he still sucks. How that man has a championship of any sort id beyond me. He can barely walk without screwing it up. Get him off my TV, now!

:: MCMG get to speak, and they make the most of it. Sabin and Shelley for my money are the best tag team in TNA right now.

:: Generation Me look like they won a prize in a cereal box to take part in a match on a TNA show…

:: MCMG are just light years ahead of them. Double team moves should be a staple of tag team wrestling and nobody in the big two does it better than MCMG.

:: Having said that, the GM guys do have show potential… but you just know they’re gonna concentrate on doing faster, flashier, more spinny moves rather than actual working.

:: How high were Hall & Waltman?

:: I hate Mike Tenay calling Eric Young EY. It needs to stop. Now.

:: Pac looks the most mobile of NWO v374,582 – that’s like saying electrocution is the best form of death, mind.

:: Scott Hall does the worst crotch chop since Hornswoggle.

:: Change the fucking canvas rather than leave the Eric Young outline… sheesh… small time image or what?

:: Shannon Moore… just go to hell. Seriously. Hearing Taz trying to make him sound like a big deal made me chuckle.

:: Even the TNA inbreds are just DEAD for the Williams / Moore snoozlefest.

:: Shannon Moore is Scrappy Doo to Jeff Hardy’s Scooby…

:: Brick! BRICK! BRICK!!! I love my Brick!!!

:: Digging Doug’s speech about jumped up acrobats.

:: Bet Vince hates the fact that Matt Morgan slipped through his fingers. Dude can talk, and he’s improving in the ring. He looks the business, too.

:: Tag team champs that don’t get along? Been done tons of times, but Morgan’s obnoxiousness is off the scale. Playing that role REALLY well.

:: Bored of Mr Anderson already. Can only be a matter of time until he gets injured, anyway.

:: Having said that, the headlock sequence at the start of the Angle/Anderson match was really good to watch… and that back suplex out of the third headlock? Vicious!

:: Seriously, someone should slap those fans in the front row. Applauding the heel isn’t ironic, it’s fucking annoying!

:: The Angle Slam is such a weak looking finisher, it’s hardly surprising it gets kicked out of on a regular basis.

:: The last 5 minutes of that match seemed to be in slow motion… just brutal to watch. And not in the good way.

:: And the point of the Anderson post match promo was… to be shit? Success.

:: Abyss loves Hogan’s ring. Heh. Suppose Brutus Beefcake made a career out of it…

:: AJ just looks uncomfortable in this new heel role. Not that I don’t think he can be a heel, just that I don’t think he’s cut out to be a Naitch style heel… someone like Wolfe would fit a lot better for me.

:: OK, I admit… I love JB’s ring intros.

:: No Abyss! BAD Abyss! Don’t go for JB!!!

:: That little cut off bit of the ramp? Looks really dumb. Really.

:: Wowzer…. the suplex back into the ring from the ramp looked pretty good. Like that!

:: Crowd are just so dead…it’s a bloody PPV! Get into it! And I don’t mean blindly chanting “TNA! TNA! TNA!” everytime someone leaves their feet, or calling everything “Awesome” when it’s clearly not.

:: Ric Flair… shoulda stayed retired, sir. Much as it pains me, your act is annoying now. Saying “Woooo” repeatedly does not make an effective promo any more.

:: This match is just ass-backwards. THE MONSTER Abyss… is the good guy? And the small, fast guy is meant to be the big bad? Bull. Doesn’t work if both guys aren’t into it, and Abyss might be a good comedy face, but he ain’t a convincing face for the fans to buy into… and as I said, AJ doesn’t seem totally into the smug heel role.

:: Just realised, this is PPV, yeah? No RVD, no Pope, no Team 3D, no Sting (which is par for the course these days, to be fair) and no Hardy? Straaaaange booking, no?

:: Gotta admit at this point, I have seen the tail end of this match – in that superb YouTube vid “Oh No! Abyss created a dangerous pit!” – go find it if you haven’t checked it out already.

:: Wow, someone blew that spray-mace-into-the-ref’s-eyes spot. Ref was making burbling noises waiting for Flair to spray him for a lifetime!

:: Oh and here’s Hulky and Hebner to save the day.

:: Flair in a wheelchair pushed by Hogan… just seems like something that Vince would have done about the time of the Nacho Man skits.

:: Abyss is… Freaking Up? Abyssing up? Whatever, the synchronised “YOU~~~!!!!” was pretty funny 🙂

:: Aaaaaand now we enter shitsville… first sign? The hand from underneath the ring making the rip in the canvas bigger while AJ is lying in the DANGEROUS PIT OF DOOM~~~!!!

:: Ric Flair is wheels-a-fire coming down that ramp!

:: Abyss falls in the hole… sheesh. And Flair is out of the wheelchair and over acting like a demon… and now here’s Wolfe being used as a ping pong ball…

:: Jeez, this is just a fucking joke. THAT is how you end a PPV Main Event?

:: The TNA freak-a-zoids still think it’s awesome. Seriously guys, get a grip or get a life, either or. I’m begging ya.

:: If this was the plan all along, then I’m not surprised that TNA hardly promoted the show. Sheesh.

:: Just felt like an extended Impact rather than a big PPV show. Shocking.

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