The Live Wire: Grounded

What will the WWE do on Raw, with the roster are currently stuck in Europe due to weather conditions?

The Live Wire 2.0

Well, hello. Welcome to The Live Wire, your fortnightly source of all things… erm… I dunno, fibre? Protein? Gotta be good for something, eh? I’m sure I’ll work it out before the end of the column. No matter. The point? Ha, you assume I had one, you poor deluded fool!

There is a point though, amazingly I do have one and it’s weather related. No, no, no don’t scroll down the page already, it’ll be interesting. Or funny. Or something. Anyway, here it is: with UK airports and airspace pretty much closed due to volcanic activity in Iceland, the Raw roster (or the trusted, important ones anyway) looks to be stuck.

Whether they make it to the US is pretty much up in air (or not, as the case may be – arf!) so, I’d imagine the WWE have some contingency plans in place. From what I understand, the Smackdown crew managed to flee Europe in time and have returned safe and sound.

With that in mind, let’s look at what options the WWE have to fill Monday’s Raw slot:

  • Let Smackdown stars work a special Monday Night Smackdown. This would probably be the most likely option, I’d say. If the Smackdown crew are in the US and ready to go, why not let them put a show on Monday night? If need be, Raw’s crew could tape a show for Friday when they arrive back in the US. Doing this, they could either tell the truth and blame the weather, or have it played as a “Smackdown Invasion” and maybe even build a match or two for a PPV in the future off the back of it.
  • Run a clip show. Let’s face it, the WWE do highlight packages and video clips like nobody else in the business. I’m sure they could use any time today and tomorrow to put together a pretty stacked “Best of Raw” edition, or even just a show highlighting the feuds on the go just now, and slot in some “unseen” footage from house shows, dark matches, and maybe even the European tour.
  • Run a Shawn Michaels special. 2 hours devoted to HBK and his career? I’m sure that would be possible. The only snag to this? It might just encroach on the current Shawn Michaels DVD set that’s for sale just now. I’d love to see this, but it does seem unlikely.
  • Do something with the guys that are still in the US and pretend nothing’s wrong. Not sure how many of the Raw roster or former ECW guys are still there. Trips is in the US, so hey, maybe a 2 hour show starring Trips and some jobbers for him to squash? Oh crap, I’ve given them ideas now – delete this page and pretend it didn’t exist!
  • The NXT roster is still there, right? Throw them out there to have some quick matches and promos, and mix it in with some video packages of Raw and Smackdown, maybe even WrestleMania? Just something different. Interesting on paper, but we all know how Vince copes with change… so highly unlikely to happen.
  • Try and find somewhere in the UK that they could run a small scale show from and record a special one off European Raw. Any port in a storm, right? With some radio and internet advertising, I’m sure they could draw a healthy crowd to a medium sized arena, forego the pyro and big screens, and do a show that showcases the talent in the ring and on the mic. Lo-fi, old school style. I would love it, a lot of the smarks would love it. Jim Cornette would wet himself over it. Vince would hate it. Scratch that one.
  • Have Michael Cole read a list of things he hates about the Internet for 2 hours. Hey, it would be a one off, and let’s face it… would still outdraw TNA…

We’ll find out tomorrow what happens, so until next time… have fun, go mad.

Author: Tony

I am... I'm me. I will, you'll see. Or... you know, I might not. Depends if it's raining or not, and there might be a cool flick on TV.

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