Well, hello.

Being that I now have access to baseball on ESPN, I figured I’d like to start doing the odd little recap on it here and there. Nothing major, just what pops into my head on a random basis. This time…

— Milton Bradley. I don’t know why, but I’ve always had a lot of time for Bradley. Sure, he’s obviously got temper issues, and those issues have come to a head this year, with him asking his club, the Seattle Mariners, for some help. Now, speaking as someone who has had some major depression issues over the past few years, I want to first give Bradley a huge amount of credit for admitting that he has problems, and needs some help.

Making that first step to admit you need some help and can’t cope, no matter what the problem is, can be the hardest step you’ll take. Bradley has exhibited signs over the years of anger management problems – remember the bottle throwing incident? – and has often given bizarre, rambling interviews. Hopefully, this step of asking for help is just what he needs. Credit also has to go to Seattle in this situation for supporting him in this first step. Whether or not he returns to play is still questionable, but for the time being, the Mariners organisation are standing by him.

— Just how good has Roy Halladay become this year? Sure, we always knew he was good – he was pitching up a storm in Toronto for years. Since his switch to the Phillies, he’s been as close to unhittable as anyone I’ve seen since… well… Roger Clemens. Pitching is at a premium so far this season, with Barry Zito, Ubaldo Jiménez and Jaime Garcia all starting strong – but Halladay has been the stand out for me by far. His control and selection has been top notch, and he seems to have added a change up to his repertoire. The Phillies have a good, strong offensive line up to back up their ace, and with Brad Lidge just returning to the fold in the closing slot, they’re looking good for playoff baseball come October already.

— I wish José Reyes would hurry up and get his mojo back. Over the past couple of years, I’ve enjoyed watching him as much as any player in the league. The guy just enjoys his baseball, and his enjoyment is so infectious, it just pops out of the screen and grabs you by the throat. Hopefully, he’ll get back on track and start stealing bases soon too…

— Don’t invade the pitch and you won’t get Tased. It’s that simple. Do I think the police officer who fired a taser at that pitch invader in Phillie over-reacted? Probably. But here’s the thing – if the kids didn’t run on the pitch, then there wouldn’t have been a situation to over react to. I’m not advocating that all stupid kids who pull stupid stunts like this should be shocked with a taser, far from it – but if you don’t stupidly run on to the pitch, then nothing happens. Why is it seemingly Phillie that have this problem, anyway? Are the cheese steaks a bit spicier than usual?