Looking forward to Christmas? I usually do, but not this year. Myself and my son aren’t going to have a good Christmas this year, or any year. Why? Well, let’s take a look at this wonderful Christmas advert from Asda that explains it all:

“Behind every great Christmas, there’s mum”

Lovely, and warm, and fuzzy, isn’t it? A typical example of family life in Modern Britain.

Well, no, not really. You see, like many single fathers out there, there’s no “Mum” in my kid’s life to make Christmas great.

How do you think this makes him feel? How do you think it makes ME feel? I do my best to try and fill the gap that his mum not wanting to be part of his life has invariably left. It’s an impossible job, and takes it’s toll on both of us.

I don’t understand how Asda – and the likes of Kellog’s and Iceland and other advertisers who play the Mum gimmick – can honestly run these ads and not realise how many parents and kids they alienate and hurt with something like this.

I already feel like a fish out of water as a man trying to bring up a kid on my own – the sneering looks from some people, and just outright amazement by others do nothing for my self esteem. Ads like this? Make me feel like even more of a failure.