It’s like Kiss ate Twisted Sister and pooped sheer glam rock heaven…

Casablanca. Swedish rockers inclusing (whisper it) a GIRL DRUMMER and Ryan Roxie who moonlights as a hired gun for Alice Cooper’s band released “Apocalyptic Youth” last year. I say released, it actually escaped from a high security metal compound under cover of darkness.

Hush now, thunder child” and “I’ve found my destination / between love and desperation” – if those lyrics alone right now don’t make throw up the horns, gurn and go “HURRRR!” then you, my friend, have no soul.

It’s not the most sophisticated record, and it’s by no means perfect… but it rocks. It has heart. It has, dare I say it, soul. It stirs a feeling, an emotion, a need… a need to move, and to rock out. It really is one of the finest albums out there, that will never get mainstream attention.

Keep a look out for it, it’s worth tracking down.

For fans of: Steel Panther; Kiss; The Darkness