I can’t lie any longer – I have an addiction problem

It’s true. I can’t deny it any longer, I have to come out, be honest and admit that yes, I do have a problem. I have an addiction. I am addicted… to cheesy reality TV shows on Discovery and History channels.

Counting Cars. American Pickers. Shipping Wars. Pawn Stars. American Restoration. Auction Hunters. Storage Wars. Sons Of Guns. Fast n’ Loud. Duck Dynasty.

I watch them all, and I make no apologies for it. You don’t need to apply yourself to watch them; you can watch them out of order; you can miss huge chunks and it just doesn’t matter. What’s not to love?

I’ve never been to the States, and if I’m being honest, I probably never will, but I can’t help but drool over these shows. The shows like American Pickers and American Restoration that focus more on what they call “classic Americana” just oozes a feel good factor that you can’t help but buy into.

Whether or not they’re actual “reality” and how much is fabricated, I don’t know, I don’t care, and I don’t want to find out. For those happy little 25-30 minute chunks of time, I get absorbed into whatever little world is on the screen.

It’s not rocket science, I know, but sometimes, that’s all you need. A little bubblegum for the brain doesn’t do you any harm once in a while. I am not ashamed!

And I really, really want to be Danny “The Count” Koker from Counting Cars when I grow up…

Author: Tony

I am... I'm me. I will, you'll see. Or... you know, I might not. Depends if it's raining or not, and there might be a cool flick on TV.

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