Dinno Time Recipe Special

Sausages with cheese and Worcester Sauce



4 sausages (any kind except veggie – yeeeuch)
Dod of cheese (for those unfamiliar with Scottish measuring systems, a “dod” is bigger than “a bit”, smaller than “a lot”)
Worcester Sauce
Salt n’ Pepper

cheese, grated

First, grate the cheese – tell it a story about tax returns – that’s grating enough.
Cooking AND comedy, I spoil you, I really do…

sausages inna pan
Throw the sossies in a pan full of oil
Cook them on a medium heat…

Until they look roughly like this (or more burnt if you like, I don’t care)

Arrange your sausages in a shallow dish in any pattern you see fit

sausage and cheese
Throw your grated cheese on top – try and cover all the sausages, or at least hit the dish.

Set your grill to ‘Blimey! that’s hot! and slam the dish under it.
When the cheese starts to melt, remove the dish (careful, mind) and put salt, pepper and worcester sauce over the top of it.
If you like spicy food, drown it in worcester sauce.

Serve on a table, with a cold beer (glass optional)

Dinno Time Facts
Health Contents : Don’t tell your doctor – cheese, fried sausages and worcester sauce – hear your arteries harden as you eat.
Taste : Fantastagroovycal.
Effect on bowels : Variable, depending on worcester sauce content… can be vicious. Put the bog roll in the fridge for worst case scenario.
Marks out of 5 : 4 – Quick, easy to make (I can do it) and tastes great. Freaks people out when you tell them what you’re eating, too