There’s not much to say that hasn’t been said by many, many people before. The Temperance Movement are insanely good on record, and even better on stage.

I probably wasn’t prepared for how good they are live though. They are incredible. They have the swagger of a young band hungry for success, yet the stage presence of veterans that have been around the block.

Their sound is ideal for smaller venues like this; it’s warm, it’s full, it’s welcoming and it’s vicious in places. Even the warning that we need to be a little bit patient because there’s a couple of new songs coming went unheeded, as those new songs slotted into an excellent set.

The whole band compliment each other, the five piece harmonies are beautiful when they wash over a crowd, but the undoubted star of the show for me was front man Phil Campbell.

His voice sounds raspy and smooth and harsh and just what you’d want a blues based band to be formed round; he sounds like he gargles on a daily basis with a mix of whiskey, petrol and sandpaper, yet still maintains a smoothness for the slower moments.

When he’s not bombarding your ears, he’s prowling the stage, part strut, part preen, all energy. It’s hard to take your eyes off him, and at no point should you. He draws your attention, makes you notice him and drives the show forward at all times.

The band as a whole are familiar, yet like nothing else on the circuit right now. There’s a touch of The Black Crowes, without the self indulgence – there’s a pinch of The Stones’ arrogance – there’s even a hint of the attitude of Guns n’ Roses in there, the sheer in-your-face power of the stage presence…

Highlight of the night for me – and it’s a tough choice, there were many – was a simply incendiary Only Friend; that jagged, sharp riff prodding and poking at your chest underneath some vaguely menacing growled vocals, framed with a glorious Gospel style chorus to bring it back down to Earth. Just stunning  to behold.

For all I enjoyed seeing them in a relatively small venue in Glasgow, I think that might be the last time they play somewhere of this size; they’re surely destined for bigger and better things… if there’s any justice, anyway.

Get yourself along to one of their shows and become a part of the movement…