Tough Enough Week Two recap

Tough Enough continues – featuring alligators, Roman Reigns, Bull Dempsey, gratuitous screeching, and the revelation the knowledge means nothing

Tough Enough this week featured a couple of special guests, Bull Dempsey’s left manboob and Bull Dempsey’s right manboob. Oh, and ROMAN~~~!!! who was there to make the women competitors, and I quote “wet”…

Jericho and Renee now both inhabit the same space, Renee’s smoothness offsetting the smarm from Jericho’s permagrin slightly. I don’t know what’s happened with Jericho recently, but he’s disappeared so far up his own arse, he’s reappeared inside out.

Anyway. Opening with a challenge that required the gang to jump in the alligator infested swamp, swim to a boat, get an NXT title belt and then return to shore, shenanigans ensued. Patrick was at a disadvantage being unable to swim, or indeed even walk in waist high water, apparently. Mada and Alex also struggled but at least made it to sea and had to be rescued.

The newly named “Princess” Dianna won this challenge easily, and Daria managed to drop the belt in the swamp somewhere. Zack Ryder is on his way with goggles and flippers to try and get a sniff of a belt as we speak.

Josh continued to display the brains of a broomstick and poked at Tanner the MMA fighter some more, almost taking it outside. Tanner walked away, perhaps saving Josh from a whoopin’. Patrick encouraged the women to kiss, coming off as EXTRA creepy while doing it.

Bumping came next. Roman turned up, said some things, told them he wouldn’t spear them or superman punch them as it would put them out of the competition. Good guy, Roman. Made yourself look strong there. Bull did a thing from the top rope and people cringed, not just observers of the male physique.

Dianna appears to be the woman the gravity remembers in place of Neville. Patrick – who was declared the winner – and Tanner excelled with their bumps, and Billy Gunn ate up some screen time with his Bill DeMott-esque grumpy old man persona, although without the bullying and idiocy.

ZZ continues to be a goof, Alex thinks that “knowledge means nothing” and doesn’t care about the history of wrestling; Gabi exists still, Giorgia might exist but nobody cares, and I think Sara Lee has gone back to her home planet. Mada was given the “LOOKITHIM HE’S A REAL PERSON DAMMIT!” moment by facetiming with his family. Aw. Oh, sorry. Barf.

Daria appears to be trying to get THE JERSEY DEVIL over as her gimmick. Yay! We also got some screaming and yelling from Dianna, Gabi and Daria. That won’t get old soon, at all. Dianna swaps rooms with ZZ. ZZ is delusional, thinking this means he’s scoring, making some “the pie is hot” analogy that only he understands. Maybe not, though.

Jericho throws to the judges, and we’re about to get some grillin’. Daniel Bryan calls out Alex and Patrick, and applauds their guts for trying to swim even though they can’t. Daniel asks Alex what he means by “knowledge means nothing” and then gets a rambling reply that goes nowhere, and Paige shuts him down calling him moronic. Accurate and succinct.

Hogan, as expected, rips them apart for not knowing their history. Hogan then calls up ZZ and accuses him of gimmick infringement for kinda using the Rock’s “pie” gimmick. ZZ looks like he’s on a 7 second satellite delay as he has to think of an answer, but amazingly, talks his way out of it. The boy ain’t *that* daft.

Paige picks out Sara and Amanda, telling them they are totally forgettable, and either do something, or get off the stage. Hogan accuses Alex of disrespecting the business by not finishing. Perhaps not being able to swim might have had something to do with that? Mada makes some excuses about lightning stopping him from swimming – really?

Daniel Bryan picks Alex for the bottom three. Paige opts for Sara Lee, and Hogan calls up Dianna and basically calls her out on her saying she’s afraid of things and then being pretty good at them. Jericho has to cut him off as he’s rambling on and on and on and on and ON.

We have 7 minutes to vote off one of those three. I’d imagine 5 of those will be in a commercial.

It’s last plea time. Sara Lee speaks! She says she’s plain old Sara Lee, and keeps saying she’s been overlooked but she’s true to herself. Jericho asks Alex who should go, he says Dianna. Alex is literally THE MOST BORING MAN IN THE WORLD. He unleashes a “I lost my job” sob story. Dianna works in a “Best for Business” catchphrase, as Jericho calls her controversial.

Will the judges use a save? Nope, not a chance. We go to the results… Alex looks half asleep, Dianna flutters her eyelashes, Sara Lee is invisible… and the result… Alex goes! He looks dumbfounded and shakes his head. Jericho plugs the aftershow with Miz (Jericho Junior, as he calls him) and we’re done.

Second episode of Tough Enough was much better than the first. A lot more use of Renee Young helps, and a better mix of live and taped elements made things a lot smoother. Jericho remains an irritant, but he was a lot better this week.

Alex going was a bit strange, I thought he did enough to stay over the totally anonymous Sara Lee and Amanda. Ho hum. Until next week…

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