Collibus: The Last Time EP review

Collibus return! New and old material showcased on their new 4 track EP

After what I thought was a killer debut album form them, Collibus return with new material, and reworked versions of old favourites.


First up, the brand new track “The Last Time” and it hits all the bases I loved about the first record. The power riffs and grooves are there, backed up by an almost ferocious rhythm section. And, with Stephen Platt on board, you just know the solo will appear, and it does… and it’s glorious.

All of the fine musicianship on display sets the foundations for the soaring vocal of Gemma Fox, and she doesn’t let the side down. The chorus on this one gets into your head and won’t leave. That might be just me, but you have been warned.

Collibus is made up of strong parts, but when those parts come together, the sum is something special.┬áIf this is an indication of the new material being worked on, I can’t wait for the second record.

As for the acoustic versions of the tracks from the first record, they’re a different beast entirely. Often, I’ve found a lot of metal bands don’t have the depth of songwriting to be able to convert their impressive electric versions of their work, with effects pedals and synth fills, into another format.

The songs here don’t have that problem. The Fallen, in particular, was my favourite track off the first record, the version on the EP, stripped back and yet somehow expanded, it takes on a whole new life. Again, for me the vocals steal the show, but the precise playing of the band can’t be taken for granted either.

The musicianship comes to the fore on Break The Silence, which really does sound like it belongs on a James Bond movie soundtrack somewhere. The piano and production elevates the song to a whole new level, and is instantly my favourite of the acoustic tracks on the EP.

For Leave It All Behind, the emphasis shifts again to the vocals. A superb vocal delivery dominates and drives the last track on the EP forward. Again, the power of Gemma’s vocals are incredible and on display to full effect here.

So, is The Last Time worth investigating? DAMN RIGHT! The new track is superb, and the reworked acoustic tracks are well worth your time as well. You can hear the time and care that has been taken to create something that compels you to hit repeat the minute it finishes.

Oh, and the best part? The EP is free with every copy of that superb first album “The False Awakening” or with a Collibus T-shirt. More details at their website – along with info on their upcoming tour dates as well. Go. Check it out! You won’t be disappointed.

Read my review of their first album, “The False Awakening“.

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