Sweet Crisis EP review

Sweet Crisis are a band that maybe have skipped under your radar, I must admit, I knew next to nothing about them until I went to see Gun playing in Edinburgh and caught their opening set supporting them. Having seen them live, I’m convinced you should find out about them yourself.

A confident and commanding presence on stage in front of a Scottish audience who probably knew as much about them as I did, they won over the vast majority of people I spoke to in between the sets. Having spoken to the chaps themselves, they seem very down to Earth and grounded, and keen to get feedback.

They were also kind enough to hand me a copy of their EP to have a listen to. I would honestly have bought one but… well, the venue had Desperados tequila beer on tap which is a new experience for me and merch buying money seemed to vanish into one pint glass after another. I’ll buy a copy of the next release for sure to pay them back, honest guys!

And as for the EP, the self titled “Sweet Crisis EP” that you can get at their site or at the usual digital music outlets, it’s well worth checking out if you can’t get along to see them on tour.

Opener “Last Man On Earth” arrives with a groove and swagger that belies the band being just a three piece. The hook on the chorus especially gets in your mind and refuses to leave. I’ve found myself singing along to it out loud on more than one occasion, not great when you’re on a train really… but I digress.

The switch in the middle to an almost rapped verse amongst the melodic and sparky chorus is jarring, but in a good way, and sets the track apart from the pack of guitar bands out there. Sweet Crisis are a band that want to carve their own niche, and not just follow the herd and this is their statement.

It’s not my favourite track on the EP though, that would be the second cut, “Rapture“. Opening with a riff that rock bands the world over would kill for, and a killer rhythm section under it, as the lyrics say “it burns right into your soul” and grabs you, hard.

The vocals are the star on this one for me. If the first track drew comparisons to Kasabian and going further back, Kula Shaker, this is more laid back, yet in your face at the same time – if you remember The Blue Nile, I get the same sort of ‘late night bar’ vibe here. A mix of swirling, soaring vocals and punchy drums with that killer riff underpinning it all, this was the track live that reached off the stage and stole your attention and just wouldn’t let go.

Maverick Man” closes the three track EP off, and while it never reaches the heights of “Rapture” for me, it’s a perfectly fine example of a band exploring their sound and finding a groove for themselves. Again, it’s perhaps one that works much better in a live setting for me.

Don’t discount it though – the beat that’s laid down is infectious, and the atmospheric keyboard sets it off nicely. Definitely the most laid back track of the three, a nice way to round off the EP and display a contrast in styles between the three tracks.

So, Sweet Crisis – take a note of the name. Next time they come my way, I suspect they’ll be headlining their own gigs rather than supporting. Hopefully a full length album will be forthcoming as well, I’m totally on board for that one. Support up and coming bands and local music and get yourself a copy of the EP, and get out to see them on a stage near you.



Author: Tony

I am... I'm me. I will, you'll see. Or... you know, I might not. Depends if it's raining or not, and there might be a cool flick on TV.

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