Fringe 2017: Darius Davies

Climb through the ropes, step into the squared circle and get ready to rumble with Darius Davies on his Road To WrestleMania!

Darius Davies returns to the Free Sisters with Road To WrestleMania: The Director’s Cut, an updated version of his hit show from last year’s Fringe.

Even before the show starts, walking into the Gothic Room as a wrestling fan you instantly feel right at home – some of the best wrestling theme music of the day being played alongside a collection of classic wrestling clips sets the tone for the show.

If you saw Road To WrestleMania last year, don’t think you can skip it this year – the tone and structure of the show is totally different, and while the basic tale remains the same, it’s fleshed out and developed a lot more in this telling of it.¬†Davies manages to wring all the emotions you want from a great show out of the material. From an inspired bit about Booker T’s manager having the hardest job in the world, right through to the finishing stretch that I won’t spoil, he hits all the right beats, maintains the show’s pace and never lingers too long on one thread.

Don’t avoid the show thinking you need to be a hardcore fan to appreciate the show either – with some of the terms being explained along the way and even demonstrated in places, someone with no wrestling knowledge will be in on the bulk of the jokes.¬†Yes, the wrestling super fans may well be laughing slightly ahead of some people, and in my case, might be the only one laughing at one specific joke that Davies himself acknowledged was just for the geeks and nerds… what that says about me, I don’t really know!

It’s not just the material that carries the show – Davies himself has upped his game from the previous year; his stage presence and delivery is much sharper and full of swagger this time round, and the show benefits greatly from it.

To copy the great wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer and rate the show on a five star system, Road To WrestleMania gets six stars without taking place in Tokyo – that’s another in joke for wrestling fans for free…

Darius Davies: Road To WrestleMania
Laughing Horse @ The Free Sisters
6.15pm, every night except 15th August

Author: Tony

I am... I'm me. I will, you'll see. Or... you know, I might not. Depends if it's raining or not, and there might be a cool flick on TV.

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