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At the Rock Show…

It was the perfect storm (pardon the pun) of a rock band fast approaching the top of the game, and the best gig venue IN THE UNIVERSE coming together – Halestorm and The Barrowlands in Glasgow.

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The Return!

Yes peeps, I’m back. I know pretty much just me and my non existant dog read this thing anyway, but there’s been a huge gap between posts in the past few weeks.

Nothing to do with Iggy Pop’s constant annoying presence on the telly… no, nothing as sinister as me trying to figure out where the old leathery faced walloper lives so I can go and hunt him down and tell him to his face that he’s a total sell out.

Nope, it was as boring as me being ill. As boring as me having to spend time setting up my new laptop and forgetting passwords and the like of such important things as web addresses. Ha! I’m an idiot!

What else have I been doing? Well, not a lot to be brutally honest. I’m in a kind of holding pattern in the war inside my head. I have good days, I have bad days. Most of the time I have “meh” days.

But what have you been reading, watching, listening to?” I hear my non existant dog cry!

I have been watching TV. Lots of it. I have become infuriatingly addicted to Come Dine With Me and repeats of DIY S.O.S. for no apparent reason. Over the past week I have also watched Zack and Miri Make a Porno and thought it was most entertaining, although a full frontal shot of Jay Mewes is not something I ever really want to have to go through again… DAMN YOU, MR. SMITH!!!

I have been listening to Thunder and AC/DC and went to see a couple of live bands – DC79, a tribute to Bon Scott era AC/DC and Twin Lizzy, a tibure to… yea, you guessed it – Thin Lizzy. I was supposed to go see a pirate metal band – Y’aaaar! – but they turned out to be a viking metal band and not actually on the night I went to see them. D’oh!

I’m debating actually buying the U2 record as well. I’m loving Get On Your Boots and think it’s truly awesome in a Vertigo and Love & Peace Or Else manner. Plus Bono makes me laugh, and sometimes intentionally…

So there we go. Normal – or abnormal service – will be resumed as of now. Hopefully…

Have fun!

Cinnoma: The Yes Man


Well, here we go. Back from the dead like… I dunno, that guy whose birthday we celebrated last week. You know… the one with the trees and presents. Forget his name. Anyway…

I decided to venture out from my warm-ish home on a bleak, dark, cold Friday night to go see The Yes Man, the new Jim Carrey face-pull-a-thon freshly released. I am a huge fan of the original book, and indeed the book’s author Danny Wallace.

Your cinema of choice was the Vue at Hamilton… ticket for the flick was £6.35, and the lovely regular coke/small popcorn and a kit-kat combo was not too bad (by cinema standards) at £3.25.

The cinema itself? Well, kinda bland, as I find most Vue Cinemas to be. Also, should be noted, I think I was the only single guy (or indeed single of ANY persuasion) there as almost everyone else was part of couple, and doing sickly sweet couple things like feeding each other popcorn and making lovey-dovey eyes at each other. Sickening. The other thing of note was the screen next to my movie was Twilight… and I have never, EVER seen so many teenage female Goths in one place. Honestly, if I was a vampire or 20 years younger, I could have died happily…

But I digress…


The Movie: The Yes Man
The Year: 2008
The Director: Peyton Reed
The Writer(s): Nicholas Stoller, Jarrad Paul, Andrew Mogel ; based on a book by Danny Wallace
The Stars: Jim Carrey, Zooey Deschanel, Terence Stamp, Rhys Darby


Jim Carrey is a dweeb. One day he decides to say YES to everything, and becomes less of a dweeb, and learns a lesson along the way. Awwwww.


Well, first thing first – beyond the concept of saying Yes to everything, this has absolutely sod all to do with the book. If you’re going along to the flick expecting to see the hilarious antics of Danny Wallace, including a trip to Amsterdam and buying a strange green car… forget it.

With that out of the way, it’s not a real problem. The film itself is just your basic romantic comedy with a wacky premise. Kinda like Liar Liar, in fact… but let’s not dwell on that.

Carrey’s character, Carl, is dull. He stays in, lies to his friends to avoid going out, and has a dull job in a dull bank. He is, in short… a dweeb. His best friend gives up on him when Carl blows off his engagement party. When – shock! – out of the blue, an old friend of Carl’s appears and encourages him to go to a seminar where everyone is encouraged to say YES to everything.

The seminar scene is one of the highlights of the flick, with Terence Stamp gloriously dead-panning his way opposite Carrey to brow beat our hero into accepting the way of the Yes Man.

And of course, you know hilarity ensues afterwards. Carl meets a homeless man; Carl meets Alison (played by the really cute Zooey Deschanel) and falls in love; Carl receives *ahem* mouth lovin’ from his neighbour (another sheer highlight of the film, I defy you not to laugh); Carl saves a suicidal man from jumping by singing to him… Carl learns Korean; Carl learns to fly; Carl hops across the country being wacky and spontaneous; Carl gets accused of being a terrorist and loses the girl… Can you guess what happens in the end, folks? Yes, that’s right, Carl gets the girl! Yay!

Of course it’s sickly sweet in places, but hey, it’s an American Rom-Com, so you expect that. The funny stuff more than outweighs that. It’s not a movie for you to go and see and laugh so much you’ll end up with a hernia, but it does move along quickly and deliver belly laughs in places.

It is all very predictable and formulaic, but so what? It’s a nice, feel good movie with no real heavy moralising (except the final Carl/Alison scene) and for me, a killer soundtrack featuring mostly Eels tracks bar a couple of tracks from Alison’s band, Munchausen by Proxy… yes, they are really called that. Also, for geeks like me – seeing Danny Wallace himself pop up in a short cameo near the end made me all giggly… if I’d been with someone, I would have told them smugly who it was…<!–[if !mso]> <! st1\:*{behavior:url(#ieooui) } –>


To sum up, it’s a fantastic way to escape your own boring life for a while. If you want a laugh, then you’ll not do much worse than going to see this. But for the love of all that’s right with the world, PLEASE go buy the book as well – The Yes Man, by Danny Wallace. Say Yes!


EIGHT out of ten Golden Innos

To sum up, it’s a fantastic way to escape your own boring life for a while. If you want a laugh, then you’ll not do much worse than going to see this. But for the love of all that’s right with the world, PLEASE go buy the book as well – The Yes Man, by Danny Wallace. Say Yes!