Rollin’ back the years

Turning the clock back to a time when I did something useful!

You may or may not know this, but back “in the day” I used to be the editor of – we like to think we were a decent little site, and had a loyal, if not huge following. My “job” was to keep the main page ticking over; change the polls, edit the headlines, that sort of thing. All this was in addition to keeping the newsboard ticking over.

We had a few dedicated reporters that posted as well, but me being me, I enjoyed being somewhat of a workaholic and did a lot of it myself. We only posted news that had a reputable source. We also wouldn’t just cut n’ paste, we rewrote the stories, but made sure to credit the original site in a proper manner, and had no pop-ups or blind ad links. Little things, but we liked to think it gave us an edge over a lot of the sensationalist sites out there that posted all sorts of rumours and nonsense.

Why am I telling you this now? Well, for ONE DAY ONLY~~~!!! the old news hound in me returned, and wrote this post about John Cena being interviewed on SkySports News…

John Cena interviewed on UK TV about being stranded

The UK’s SkySports News ran a short interview with WWE star John Cena regarding the travel disruption faced by the Raw roster. Cena, wearing a suit and tie, was speaking from Belfast, where the Raw roster have been stuck since all flights in and out of the UK were grounded due to ash from the eruption of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano in Iceland

Cena: “It’s never a problem, we tour the United Kingdom about twice a year, usually in April and November, we’re actually coming back in November and looking forward to it. We’ve had a fantastic stay here in Belfast. I know selfishly, all the WWE Superstars are wishing to get home to their families, but every day we kinda congregate and look each other and say it could be a lot worse.

We look at people in the news who are literally stranded. We’re in a fantastic city, Belfast has been just overly gracious as a host to us and we’re making do. We certainly could have it a lot worse.

When asked about the difficulties of travel, and how much driving was involved, Cena said: “Yeah we actually made a decision about halfway through our tour, to finish the tour. We had a couple of days that actually involved 40 hours of straight travel, just to make sure that we got to certain towns in the UK and in Europe. Belfast was our last stop, and we said we’re gonna make it, no matter what.  So we did two shows at the Odyssey, they were fantastic shows, great response, and we’ve been vacationing here ever since. It’s a great place to be, a lot of character here and it’s a fun unscheduled holiday for a lot of the superstars.

Cena added: “Personally I’m hoping to get back as soon as I can. Ihink everybody has business to take care of, I’ve personally been travelling since the week before WrestleMania, which would be the last week in March. I’d just like to get home and check my mailbox. I haven’t had a vaction in 8 years, so like I said, an unscheduled holiday and certainly happy to have it.

Yeah, it’s not much… but it just made me a little nostalgic. Feel free to shake your head at me if you wish!

The Live Wire: Grounded

What will the WWE do on Raw, with the roster are currently stuck in Europe due to weather conditions?

The Live Wire 2.0

Well, hello. Welcome to The Live Wire, your fortnightly source of all things… erm… I dunno, fibre? Protein? Gotta be good for something, eh? I’m sure I’ll work it out before the end of the column. No matter. The point? Ha, you assume I had one, you poor deluded fool!

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