The Wildhearts live: The Liquid Room, Edinburgh May 4th 2019

The Wildhearts swaggered back into town hot on the heels of a fresh new album, the first since 2009. How will new material go down live? Let’s find out…

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Edinburgh Fringe 2017 Week 4 Recap

The Fringe does weird things to your sleep pattern if you let it…

The final week of the 2017 Edinburgh Fringe is here and we have to make hard decisions about which of the multitude of shows will be squeezed in and which will miss the cut.

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Edinburgh Fringe 2017 Week 3 Recap

It’s the third week of the Edinburgh Fringe, and this week, I crammed 4 shows into one day. Was it quality or quantity that won over? Let’s find out… Continue reading “Edinburgh Fringe 2017 Week 3 Recap”

Lights out at Murrayfield

You don’t see the Haka, you experience it…

Like many people, I have a bucket list of sorts; stuff I want to see or do before I finally kick the bucket and shuffle off this mortal coil. A lot of things are probably a bit too big for me to really do – I want to go see a live WrestleMania, a want to see a Superbowl, I want to see a Houston Astros game… and one of them? I ticked it off this weekend.
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Are you Crazy Enough for Storm Large?

You owe it to yourself to go and let yourself in on the best kept secret in Edinburgh, otherwise you’re the crazy one.

Bit of a misleading title, as you’d only be crazy if you didn’t get your ass along to Edinburgh’s Underbelly during the Fringe and catch this incredible show from an incredible performer.
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