A Thundering Good Christmas

It sounds crazy, but Thunder gigs are unlike any other. It’s not all about the music – although the well crafted rock songs that they churn out effortlessly are of the highest standard – a Thunder gig is an event; it’s a party that 5 mates throw on the stage, and just happen to invite 1900 people to come round for a beer and a boogie.

The Thunder Christmas Party
21st December 2011
Nottingham Rock City

The usual Christmas festivities in Thunder Towers resumed this year, with the resurrection of what their T-shirts call a great British tradition. And you know what? On this showing, they may just be right.
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Are you part of The Union?

Rising like a phoenix from the ashes of Thunder, Luke Morley’s new project, The Union, deserves your attention.

Now, as you may know, in a previous life (ha!) I was/am/forever will be a HUUUUGE fan of Thunder. Sadly, all good things must come to an end, and Thunder split up. I have found solace, however, in THE UNION – the new band formed by ex-Thunder guitarist, song writer and all round “top bloke” Luke Morley, and former Winterville main man and Thunder friend Pete Shoulder.

Here’s a sample of what they’re about:

Their debut release is a three track EP, cheaply priced at just £1.99 – and if that’s not persuasion enough, you can download Step Up To The Plate, the first track, free to sample their wares by simply going to their website at: TheUnionOnline.com.

Well worth a few minutes of your time, folks. Go have a listen.