Deadlines, dead ends and dust

Jim White: Deadline Day hero

Yes folks, it’s a football post, so ready your good throwing rocks now, as football seems to be the third biggest fight starter after religion and salt n’ vinegar crisps in green packets.

It’s DEADLINE DAY which in football terms is when all the shouting starts, stops and carries on into the night. All the clubs have until tonight to finalise their squads, which means desperate managers throw cash at any old donkey. Well, that’s what usually happens. This year, with the world being in a recession, there’s more loan deal than permanent deals.

For me, the fun is watching Sky Sports News on the run up to the transfer window closing, because that’s generally when Jim White gets wheeled on to dispense his own brand of hyperbole.

Whoa there, put a halt on that transfer pony!” exclaims the understated Jim at one point, just before 5pm; this mere minutes after declaring he was “getting emotional, but not too emotional, we don’t have time for that on deadline day!” and having a near heart attack as Harry Redknapp phones his mobile while live on air.

What was getting Jim so exciteable? Not much until about 4.45pm, when Manchester City rushed through a last minute deal for Middlesbrough’s Adam Johnson… but that was just the starter. No, the main course was that phone call from ‘Arry – news of Robbie Keane being allowed to go to Glasgow to sign for Celtic on loan, truly a stunning deal, with no less impact to Jim, given his “alleged leanings” of course.

Despite all that, it has to be said – Jim White on Deadline Day is a football tradition now. I can’t imagine watching anything else when he’s in one of his insane moods. He may not be the best presenter out there, but the man is passionate about his football, and he has the habit of being damned funny.

Jim, if you’re reading this, I forgive you for asking Brian Laudrup “Why are you so good?”