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The Top Seven Albums of 2014

Well, hello.

It’s nearly the end of the year, and as usual, any idiot with a keyboard and a blog starts putting together end of year lists. This idiot is no different… it’s time for my annual top seven albums of the year! Continue reading


Storm Large – Ladylike, Side One (2007)

Couple things out of the way first. Yes, Storm Large is her real name, kinda. Storm is her middle name (Susan being her first) but let’s face it, if your middle name was as cool as Storm, you’d use it too. Yes you would, and you know it.

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Are you Crazy Enough for Storm Large?

Bit of a misleading title, as you’d only be crazy if you didn’t get your ass along to Edinburgh’s Underbelly during the Fringe and catch this incredible show from an incredible performer.
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