Kids TV had the best music

Yup, been hanging out on YouTube for way too long recently, and this idea came to me after trading links for over an hour with my lovely (and incredibly understanding) girlfriend.

When peeps think of Kids TV music, the usual suspects spring to mind – Dogtanian, Thundercats, Transformers, Trap Door, Gummi Bears… the list goes on and on and on…

Buried way down in your psyche, right there – behind the fear of the Boogie Man (not Fungus) and tucked underneath the way you like your toast – lies the forgotten songs. The song that you loved but nobody really talks about. Just that mad guy that never lets up.

That would be me. Hiya!

I have been known to wave the flag for the obscure, blow the trumpet of the bizarre and even carry the torch of the unknown… so what better way to try out this new place than present a list! Yes!

So, gentle reader, I present a list of the Seven (better than five, not as long winded as ten) Kids TV Tunes you never knew you knew! Of course, if you’re not from the UK, you may just like this glimpse into what our Kids TV was like!

Enjoy, either way!

Jamie & The Magic Torch

‘Ey Up Wordsworth! I used to absolutely love this as a kid, I wanted a Wordsworth dog for so long, and every time I got a torch, I used to point it at the floor… just in case. The show was bizarre, even by kids TV standards. The music, though was ace:

Chorlton & The Wheelies

From the bizarre to the… well, even bizarre-r. If that’s a word. And if it’s not, I’m making it one. There. Anyway, I digress. There’s this… thing. And it hangs around in a world full of other… things, but they have wheels. And they’re hated by a Welsh witch. No, really. Kids TV when I was growing up was waaaaaaay weirder than stuff kids get shown today.

Ulysses 31

Based on ancient Greek mythology, but thrown forward into the 31st century (hence the title) this show was most memorable because of the music. The actual show seemed to be a little ahead of it’s time, and didn’t get many, if any repeat showings. But you gotta love that funky electro-rock intro!

Rude Dog & The Dweebs

Ah, the sweet smell of an obscure show that hardly anyone lists, but when you remember, you make that “aaaaAAAH!!!!” noise. You do, I can hear it right now! Rude Dog was great, but was only made to sell sportswear. When they pulled the plug, Rude Dog was no more. Rest In Piece, Rude Dog…

The Family Ness

For a kid in Scotland, this show was sent from Heaven! Even the horrific overplayed Scots accents couldn’t take away the joy of a cartoon based on not just one Loch Ness Monster… but a FAMILY OF THEM!!! Yay!

The Flumps

Being totally honest? I don’t remember much about this bar they were meatballs with woolly hats. What more do you need? Oh and had a great theme that’s still being used on ads to this day!

Maid Marian & Her Merry Men

Saved the best of my little list until last. This show took the Robin Hood myth, and spun it that Marian was the hero, and Robin was a bumbling fool. More to the point, it had a great cast, and the theme at the end was brilliant – and sung by Danny John Jules, better known as The Cat from Red Dwarf.